Disposable Wooden Chopsticks 80ea - Anytime Basket

Disposable Wooden Chopsticks 80ea

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  • Anti-Slip – Nevertheless the effort we put in to be the smoothest, we have used special technology to make sure that it does not slip out from your hands, and giving you the comfort of dining
  • Barbecue - Don't have enough bamboo skewers at your barbecue? Soak chopsticks in water for 15 minutes, then use them to spear meat and veggies, and place on the grill
  • Planting & Gardening - Poke a chopstick into the soil near a spindly seedling to give it some needed support. Create markers by stapling a plant's seed packet to a chopstick and placing it inside the pot or bed.
  • Cleaning - Use a chopstick to push a cleaning cloth into the top groove of a paint can, between air-conditioner vents, behind sink faucets, and in other narrow areas. Keep chopsticks by your door, and use them to loosen dried dirt or mud from the crevices of shoe soles before stepping inside

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